New thinking for a changing world...

The way we buy and consume everything has changed...

The rise of cloud computing and subscription is driving a new way for manufacturers to deliver greater functionality and stability to customers while driving innovation and revenue growth for partners and resellers

Technology consumers are looking increasingly for an X-as-a-service type relationship with their suppliers and the supply chain is racing to develop new offers and billing platforms to meet demand

Often these consumption models are based upon multiple or deferred payments over time, a space traditionally occupied by bank and vendor finance organisations looking to offer lease or loan financing agreements to sit alongside the supply terms

Leases and loans have proven their value over many years in helping with supplier and buyer cash flows but are sometimes clunky and potentially add another layer of complexity, cost and delay to deal closure

Wylye Capital builds on 3 decades of experience working for and with some of the largest technology vendors and financial institutions in the world to help technology buyers and sellers unlock new ways to bill and pay for the technology solutions they need to drive growth

Wylye Capital was founded in 2021 by Managing Director Barry Taylor, who has previously worked for the likes of HP and Cisco to structure financing and payment solutions for some of their largest global customers, leveraging more than $2bn of investment to drive over $5bn of new business wins

Wylye's mission statement is simple:

We work with some of the most innovative investors and vendors in the world to address some of the most common challenges for traditional financing in the technology sector and help our partners win bigger, faster and more often in a competitive world

...New opportunities for your business